How are you keeping in touch with the members of your Probus Group ?
Some are producing newsletters with club members contributing: this is a brilliant method of keeping in touch.
Like to let other clubs see what you are doing? if online please let me have a link otherwise I can add information to this page.
Has your club investigated the advantages of ZOOM to keep in touch? If not & don't know how to use the facility, please contact me.
Cirencester Probus are using Zoom at a fixed time daily so members can chat to each other. They have extended the idea to individuals giving mini-talks.
Do you have any innovative ideas of how to keep in contact? Let me know.
Contact me at:
Below is a sample of a newsletter from Chepstow Probus who have kindly agreed to let me publish their latest "missive"
    The third page is a clever advertisement by a member of the club promoting his next talk- unfortunately he is not on the Speakers website, so I've left left it out.       
The last page  has a quiz about British Sports Cars- I've added this to the Quiz page.
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